JAN KOPINSKI tenor / alto saxophones
STEVE ILIFFE synthesizer & samples

Tracks 1-4 recorded in Austria at the Wiesen Jazz Festival.
Track 5 recorded at the Knitting Factory, New York.
Tracks 6-10 recorded at The Mill, Banbury, UK.

The band wanted a live album which they hadn’t set out specifically to record, and had got the edginess and intensity of sounds that get smoothed out in the studios – They got it! Distortion and all. In fact, Pinski Zoo’s studio recordings are done in “live” takes with little or no overdubbing if there are parts the band didn’t like they’d do another take.

Incidentally, Dust Bowl and WhiteOut are variations of the same track, the venue always seemed to change this number drastically. Nathan’s Song and Bouncing Mirror were always favourites at this time.

“…good enough to make you want to burn down the disco”
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